∞ infinity

Does infinity exist?

When you fall in love with someone, you believe that this love will be timeless. You believe that your parents are eternal, they will always be next to you. Even when you tame a pet, you do not want to think of that one day it will die.

But nothing is eternal.

There is only our faith, faith in the best. The belief that your beloved love is timeless. Your parents take care of you and your dog wake you up early in the morning every day.

Faith is eternal, the people's faith in anything will always be timeless.

It's easier to be a little dreamer who believes in the Miracles than a realist who understand all the imperfections of this world.

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my lovely best guy ever**

Today is a Birthday of my lovely best guy ever!!

Thank you for coming into my life, thank you for your tenderness and care, thank you for the late night laughs and the early morning kisses, thank you for holding my hand and guarding my heart!

We got a little world of our own, with our thoughts and dreams. Nobody knows the rules we live by.

I llook into your eyes with my eyes, i put my heart near your heart <3 



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I was always interested in the essence of water. We cannot live without it, but we also cannot live in it..

It can kill you, or bring you a life...

Just imagine you are standing on the beach, you see a raging ocean ahead, big waves hitting the shore. On the one hand you want to ride the waves, but on another hand with your every step you feel fear, anxiety because of this powerful natural phenomenon.

Only one your wrong move and it can take you away forever.

In my childhood I was very fond of fairy tale The Little Mermaid, every time I imagined that I was her. Being in school, I read The Old Man and the Sea for several times. The book is really boring, monotonous, but to me it seemed the most interesting, and engrossing! hahaha! Can you imagine it??

How do you think what my favorite movie? Blue Lagoon and Return to the Blue Lagoon, of course there is the ocean and the dangers that it carries. I am a Pisces (zodiac sign), so maybe this may explaine my affection for this element. 

I guess I have explained why I used precisely this theme.  I such a mermaid, who can not live without water, as its secrecy and danger attracts me..

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